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  • Sanitary napkins with ProBiotics - FIDE s.r.o.

    Life of many women around the world is made unpleasant by various diseases accompanied by vaginal discharge and unpleasant feelings.

    Modern scientific knowledge of FIDE in cooperation with a biotech firm named Pharmaceutical Biotechnology made possible to move the women's personal hygiene to a new active level. Based on many years of research, the manufacturer FIDE introduces to the world market a revolutionary product in the field of women's intimate hygiene - sanitary napkins under their names Carin ProBiotic and Oasis ProBiotic containing live cultures of friendly lactobacilli.


    Why are Carin ProBiotic, Micci ProBiotic and Oasis ProBiotic so exceptional?

    • support health in mucous membrane of the vagina and the urinary tract,,
    • help to eliminate yeast infections in the vagina,,
    • provide

      • reliable protection of the vaginal mucosa during menstruation,
      • comfortable application of beneficial microflora,
      • restore the balance of vaginal flora in a natural way.
    • Pads contain pure laktobacillis culture that colonizes and stabilizes the vaginal environment.

    • Probiotics reduce the pH of the tissue which the napkin is in contact with. Lower pH prevents reproduction of undesirable microorganisms.
    • Probiotics significantly reduce the growth of undesirable bacterias, that get into the napkin during its use and creates optimal environment for the growth of lactobacilli.
    • Probiotic culture is naturally reproduced in the napkin and wins over undesirable bacterias that get into the napkin during the discharge or bleeding. Then the napkin does not become a major source of infection.
    • The growth of probiotic bacteria reduces undesirable smell of napkin during its use.
    • The napkin is suitable for regular use for both healthy women who want to take care of their personal hygiene and women who suffer from occasional or repeating vaginal infections of bacterial or yeast origin.
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